February 9 | Movie “Onder de blote hemel”

February 9 | Movie “Onder de blote hemel”

Cinema Nieuw-Vennep

On Friday, Feb. 9, you can enjoy in cinema Nieuw-Vennep at C. Nieuw-Vennep. At 8 p.m., the film starts.

Movie: Onder de blote hemel

Ten-year-old Elvie (Ylse Ringeling) lives with her mentally challenged mother Emma (Rifka Lodeizen) on a campsite in the middle of nature. Emma is loving but naive; she struggles with social interactions and has difficulty understanding others. As summer breaks loose at the campground, things are brewing between mother and daughter. Elvie is at an age where she is beginning to understand the world better than her mother, which makes for uncomfortable situations. When Grandpa Bucko (Johan Leysen), the linchpin of the family, develops health problems, Elvie and Emma become even more dependent on each other. Grandpa’s absence causes great tension and shakes their isolated world.

Tickets priced at €8.75 p/s. 65+ers, CJP-ers €7,00. (including one consumption, excluding transaction fees) Book through cpunt.nl, T 023 566 95 65 (weekdays) or purchase on the night before 7:30 p.m.

Harmonieplein 2, Nieuw-Vennep