February 2 | Movie “Gerlach”

February 2 | Movie “Gerlach”

Cinema Nieuw-Vennep

On Friday, Feb. 2, you can enjoy cinema Nieuw-Vennep at C. Nieuw-Vennep. At 8 p.m., the film starts.

Movie: Gerlach

For more than half a century, farmer Gerlach has walked the ground around his wooden house under the smoke of Schiphol Airport. He is the last small arable farmer from his area who still manages to keep farming. With inimitable humor coupled with a philosophical view of the world, he continues to resist threats of dispossession, disease and climate change. A poetic epic about a headstrong farmer who braves all of life’s headwinds with dignity. Winner of the Prize for Best Dutch Documentary at IDFA.

Tickets priced at €8.75 p/s. 65+ers, CJP-ers €7,00. (including one consumption, excluding transaction fees) Book through cpunt.nl, T 023 566 95 65 (weekdays) or purchase on the night before 7:30 p.m.

Harmonieplein 2, Nieuw-Vennep