December 9 | Art Christmas Market

December 9 | Art Christmas Market

Art Christmas Market

On Saturday, December 9, the Symfonie is once again dedicated to art and you can enjoy the Art Christmas Market organized at the Symfonie in Nieuw-Vennep. This time, the covered streets are filled with booths where local artists display their artwork.

Podium for local artists

Discover the unique talents of our local artists as they exhibit and perform their artwork. Together we celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Haarlemmermeer and provide a platform for artists to share their passion and connect with all our visitors. Come and be inspired by the art our local artists have to offer.

There is always something to do

If you come to the Art Christmas Market, take a walk around the Symfonie, Venneperhof, Venneperstraat, Elemastraat and all the cozy streets in Center Nieuw-Vennep. With 155 entrepreneurs, there is something fun for everyone to see e buy and everything within a 5-minute walk.

Lunch and dinner

Cosy lunchrooms, welcoming restaurants and sunny terraces make a visit to the Crea Markt more than worthwhile to (re)discover Centrum Nieuw-Vennep and enjoy the real village feeling that Nieuw-Vennep is known for.

Which artists will you meet?

Dennis Pfeil –> Realistic food paintings

John Hardenberg –> Photography and epoxy jewellery

Herra van Doornmalen –> Acryl paintings

Margit Klumpers –> Mixed-Media design

Cees Smit –> Paintings of nostalgic gas stations

Ed Hilhorst –> Urban sketching and residential portraits

Riet Vermeulen –> Acrylic paintings and pencil drawings

Rick Triest –> Paintings

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