Feb. 23 | Cinema “Les Cyclades”

Feb. 23 | Cinema “Les Cyclades”

Cinema Nieuw-Vennep

On Friday, Feb. 23, you can enjoy in the cinema of Nieuw-Vennep at C. Nieuw-Vennep. At 8 p.m., the film starts.

Movie: Les Cyclades

Blandine is recently divorced and her only son Benji is leaving home. She is not sure what to do next with her life. But then suddenly her loud and fearless school friend Magalie shows up. Spontaneously, she decides to accompany Blandine on a trip they dreamed of as teenagers: to Amorgos, the beautiful Greek island where their favorite film Le Grand Bleu was shot. Once at their destination, it turns out that Blandine and Magalie do have very different ideas about vacation, love and life. Les Cyclades is a summer comedy about friendship, aging and learning to let go. Director Marc Fitoussi’s French feel-good film shows the power of women rediscovering the joy of life against the backdrop of picturesque villages and sunny beaches. With an entertaining supporting role by Kristin Scott Thomas.

Tickets priced at €8.75 p/s. 65+ers, CJP-ers €7,00. (including one consumption, excluding transaction fees) Book through cpunt.nl, T 023 566 95 65 (weekdays) or purchase on the night before 7:30 p.m.

Harmonieplein 2, Nieuw-Vennep