Local shopping in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep

Local shopping in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep

If you want to store locally in Center of Nieuw-Vennep, there are several options available. Here are some stores you can visit:

Winkelcentrum De Symfonie:

This is the main indoor shopping center in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep. You can find several stores here, including clothing stores, shoe stores, a pet store, supermarkets and a fresh street with a local bakery, butcher, fish store, cheese store and flower store.

Shopping street Venneperhof

This shopping street, partially covered, is also located in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep and offers a variety of local stores, boutiques and specialty stores. You can find optics, accessories, gift items, clothing, bicycles and specialty beers, among other things.


The Venneperstraat is another shopping street in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep. Here you will find a supermarket, take-out restaurants, a hobby store and other local businesses It is a nice place for walking and shopping.

Venneperweg en Hoofdweg

On Venneperweg and Hoofdweg you will find several restaurants, a well-equipped drum shop, a hotel, hairdressers, a local copy shop and a bedding store.


The Anthoniusstraat is one of the oldest streets in Nieuw-Vennep where there is a large Do-It-Yourself store, a cozy café opening onto the Catholic church.


If you want to do some shopping, there are several supermarkets in the center of Nieuw-Vennep, such as Jumbo and Dirk van den Broek. These supermarkets offer a wide range of products for your daily needs.

Weekly market on Thursday

The Nieuw-Vennep weekly market is held every Thursday on Harmonieplein. There are stalls and food trucks with fresh products every week. The various stalls that sell vegetables, cheeses, breads and nuts provide a wide variety of products.

Cozy and local shopping

In addition to these specific locations, there may be other local stores and boutiques scattered throughout downtown Nieuw-Vennep. It’s always a good idea to just wander the streets and discover what else can be found.