Sinterklaas coloring page

Sinterklaas coloring page

Especially for children

The local entrepreneurs in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep want to make this Sinterklaas party unforgettable. That’s why they are offering free coloring pages with brain teasers specially designed for Centrum Nieuw-Vennep. These unique coloring sheets are available for free at dozens of entrepreneurs in Haarlemmermeer’s liveliest village center.

Liefs uit Haarlemmermeer

Together with Liefs uit Haarlemmermeer, we had the coloring page made where you can color in Sinterklaas, of course, but also the White Church has a prominent place. You can also decorate the Calatravabridge however you would like! We are curious to see what colors the bridge will be. The small plane over Nieuw-Vennep is also a familiar sight, though it is unique in that it flies a flag with Nieuw-Vennep on it.

Unique drawings

The drawings were specially created by Denise Hagmeijer of Eigenwijsheid Freelance. On the back, there are brain teasers for the children, such as a maze where St. Nicholas loses his way toward the Calatrava Bridge and “find the five differences’. You can also make a wish list so that you have everything complete and can look forward to a wonderful St. Nicholas party.

Giving to Sinterklaas yourself

You can personally give your own special and beautiful coloring page to Sinterklaas on Sunday, Nov. 19, from 12:30 p.m. on the Harmonieplein during the Sinterklaas Defilé.

Red mailbox for St. Nicholas

Can’t be there? Then turn it in at the red mailbox at the bottom of the escalator in the Symfonie. We make sure Sinterklaas receives your coloring page and your wish list through us.

Sinterklaas kleurplaat
Sinterklaas kleurplaat