4 or more hours – Fit4Lady – Trainer

4 or more hours – Fit4Lady – Trainer

Job title

Trainer at Fit4lady ( female because of women only )

Job Description

To guide, motivate and enthuse members in the circuit.

Job Requirements

Sporty, sociable and flexible

Why is working at Fit4Lady fun

You will work 4 or more hours per week and receive in-house training.

You will work on the nicest team in Nieuw-Vennep with the goal of guiding as many ladies as possible to a healthy and fit life.

Contact details

Call or email Anneliek Spakman at 06 832 22 244/ nieuwvennep@fit4lady.nl

Application process/how does this work for you? Online/call/telephone

You can apply through the website www.fit4lady.nl/vacatures or directly with Anneliek.