February 18| Centrum Nieuw-Vennep Bingo

February 18| Centrum Nieuw-Vennep Bingo

Centrum Nieuw-Vennep BINGO

Are you ready for a fun-filled afternoon of excitement, fellowship and fabulous prizes? Look no further! On Sunday, Feb. 18, you are welcome at Lunchroom Plein 7 for the coziest Centrum Nieuw-Vennep Bingo of 2024. We will play 3 rounds and a card costs €10.

Er is een beperkt aantal plaatsen, dus FULL = FULL


  • Coziness: In the Coziest Village Center of Haarlemmermeer, a Centrum Niuew-Vennep Bingo cannot be missed, of course!
  • Excitement: Feel the excitement rise as you cross off the numbers on your bingo card. We are playing 3 rounds so there is a lot of opportunity to win!
  • Nice prices: Our prices come from entrepreneurs in Centrum Nieuw-Vennep. From gift certificates to books, and from home deco to beautiful flowers or plants, we have prizes to delight everyone.

How does it work?

  1. Registration: Send an email to info@nieuwvennep.nl with your name and number of people.
  2. Paying: You pay prior to the Centrum Nieuw-Vennep Bingo €10 in cash or via a Tikkie at the registration table
  3. Cup of coffee!: We will provide you with a cup of coffee or tea
  4. Just play: You will naturally hear what you are playing for and then it is a matter of listening carefully and staying attentive.


When, where and what time?

Sunday February 18
Lunchroom Plein 7
Start: 2:00 p.m.
End: 5:00 p.m.