New parking system garage De Symfonie

New parking system garage De Symfonie

From Wednesday October 26 ther is a new parkingsystem in parking garage Nieuw-Vennep.😃

This video gives an impression of how the new system works. Below the steps are also written out:
When exiting, your license plate number is scanned and the barrier opens automatically

Within 1 hour, you can exit freely. This means NO action at the vending machine or exit is required. Are you in for more than 1 hour? Then there are 2 options:

Pay at the vending machine in Nieuw-Vennep parking garage

– Here you can enter your license plate number to then pay contactless or by PIN.

But the easiest option is…

Contactless payment at exit

– Here you can pay with your debit card or mobile contactless.
Once again to confirm; so the 1st hour remains free parking even now!😃